Potassium fulvate

Potassium fulvate is a natural mineral active potassium fertilizer. It consists of humic acid and potassium oxide extracted from humic acid. Appearance is brown or brown with foamed microporous particles. It contains pharmaceutical ingredients that activate hardened soil, kill underground pests, increase the utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, thereby improving the quality of crops. Strengthen root adhesion and absorption, which is conducive to root development. It is an efficient energy-saving fertilizer.

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Enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein

The raw material of enzymatic hydrolyzed protein is fermented by pure fish enzymatic hydrolysis. It is mainly based on deep-sea fish as raw material, and selects excellent enzyme preparation. The bio-enzymatic process extracts marine fish oligopeptide and is highly unsaturated. Biologically active products such as fatty acids (DHA, EPA), including lactic acid bacteria and yeast 4 billion, protein 35, small peptide 35, free amino acid 35-45, organic matter 50, PH-5-6.5.

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